Wednesday, 17 July 2019

What's your employee experience in Induction training?

 ‘Inducting’ new hires into an organization can be challenging, especially when the intake is regular. HR and L&D teams  struggle with sharing the same content over and over again, and the routine becomes a repetitive activity that no one enjoys. Neither the new hires nor the speakers. If you resonate with this with your organisation induction process and then continue reading forward.
Here, is how to change the induction sessions into something interactive and fun-filled, yet helping participants to learn and retain the contents!
For eg: Sharing company policies with new recruits – leave, attendance, performance review, dress code, email etiquette, IT security, physical security, compensation and benefits, medical benefits………..and so on, is mandatory, but can be daunting and extremely boring.
Want to change this to something fun, yet have a lasting learning experience?
Use the ‘Textra’ Magic Wand! Here is how:
Break the participants into small groups. Groups of five or six are ideal. Have printouts of each policy document (leave, medical and so on) printed out and ready. Give each team one policy document (one copy for each member of the team) to read and discuss. Allow 10 minutes for this activity (longer or shorter based on the number of pages).
Ask each team to prepare a flip chart with highlights of the policy – let them get as creative as they like! They should also prepare a set of questions that they would expect others to ask, and be ready with the answers.
Each team should now make a presentation to the rest about their understanding of the policy. After that, all other participants can ask questions. If now questions are forthcoming, the team presenting the policy can use their prepared set of questions to ask the others – this way they test the understanding of the group. If you have time and want to go further deeper you can have the respective process owners attend the session and ask questions to the teams.
And that’s it! No more Power Point presentations! Not only will you be able to keep the group engaged, but you will find that they learn and retain more of the contents! This will give your new hires an amazing life time employee experience.
There are dozens of variations you can bring into Textra – it is only limited by your creativity!! With creativity and imagination, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with even ‘routine’ training, without sacrificing efficiency but enhancing participants’ learning exponentially!
What do you think you can do with Textra? Share and let me know!
Happy Learning!