Saturday, 13 July 2019

Winning in turbulent times...

For the past couple of months we have been working on the journey of Operational Excellence projects for our client and after having done 8 batches the learning and experience has been phenomenal.
Operational Excellence is far cheaper, faster, no risks and simpler to do. It involves the entire organisation and hence its a powerful differentiator as it renews the organisational energy, aligns mindset, objectives and goals in a very major way. Three fundamentals aspects of Operational Performance to keep in mind is Standardization, Improvement and Innovation. Improving Process is far more complicated process and hence driving Operational Excellence is a Managerial and Leadership process as it depends on peoples mindset, creates aspirations and passion for improved performance. It has an outstanding ability of cohesive of people due to involvement of CFT, Employee Engagement and motivation levels. When you are embarking on the journey of Operational Excellence asks yourself how are things happening here? Have you done the right process and got the right results? Done something and you have got the results somehow? Its a very powerful tool a company can apply to improve its performance.

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