Thursday, 15 August 2019

What habits are you ready to let go of? This week I encourage you to create a list of bad habits that are preventing you from getting more of the results you want in life. Here are some prompts to get you going: Staying up too late Spending too much time on your phone Drinking alcohol Spending too much money Telling yourself you’re not good enough Giving up before you even get started Smoking Gossiping about others Always assuming the worst (Do any of those sound familiar to you?) Once you have finished your list, choose ONE of your bad habits and commit to replacing it with a more positive habit. For example, if your bad habit is staying up late, commit to going to bed by 10pm from now on. Or if you spend too much time on your phone surfing the web or on social media, commit to going for a 30-minute walk every day or reading a good book instead. Once you have made your commitment to a new habit, stick to it! Don’t give up until your old habit is gone for good and your new habit has become second nature to you. Because every time you replace a bad habit with a new behavior that gets better results, you move closer to becoming the person you need to be. To your evolving greatness! #60bits #60bitsconsulting #goals #mindpower #subconsciouspprogramming #subconscious #awakenthegenie #success #prosperity #happiness #love #abundance #belief